”モノを通じてフィールドを伝えたい” そんな思いから、1988年に東京・九段にアジアの民藝を紹介する店を構えました。 どんな風土の土地で、どんな職人たちが作ったか、その土地に暮らす人々の生活の息吹をも感じられる、素朴で伝統的な商品をご紹介いたします。 From the snowy Himalayas to the southern cape of coconut fields, From the eastern heaving coast line to the desert in the west where the camels gather in herd. India has so many different aspects, as if many different countries are condensed within one. One Indian handcraft could trigger out curiosity, and we might ask: “What region is this from?” or “How do they make this?” That’s how our journey begins. The shapes and patterns the craft people in India create are deeply connected to their everyday life, equally profound as their prayers and rituals ceremonies. Underneath the sacred tree by the entrance of the village, the guardian terra-cotta dolls line up, spreading their energy, along with freshly plucked flowers from the morning. Local calicoes, embroidered materials, and textiles display traditional patterns that symbolize prosperity and fertility. These handmade goods are shaped with their hopes. They bring us purely and warmth with endearing strength. To us, Indian handcrafts embody the pride of the people, with multiple ethnic backgrounds living on this vast land. GAYA CO.,LTD 4-1-8 No'1 Koiso Bldg1F, Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, 102-0074 Japan TEL/FAX +81(0)3-3261-7735 有限会社GAYA 〒102-0074 東京都千代田区九段南4-1-8 第一小磯ビル1F -店舗営業時間- 11 :00~18 :00(火-金) 11 :00~16 :00(土) 月/日/祝祭日  定休 アクセス 東京メトロ有楽町/南北線「市ヶ谷駅」A3出口より徒歩4分 都営新宿線「市ヶ谷駅」A3出口より徒歩4分 JR総武線「市ヶ谷駅」より徒歩6分 東京メトロ半蔵門線「半蔵門駅」5番出口より徒歩9分 HP http://www.gaya-tokyo.com Blog http://gayablog.jugem.jp Instagram GAYA→ @gaya.tokyo GAYA Renu→ @gaya.renu